NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups grant funding cuts decision

We’ve finally had a decision about cuts to our NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) grant funding next year. We aren’t losing all our funding (the original proposal). However about two thirds of CCGs funding to South Derbyshire CVS will end in March.

3 grants to our practical help, befriending and vSPA services, will end and funding for our group support and Volunteer Centre services will be reduced by around 20%.

The NHS Derbyshire CCGs Boards made their decision at a meeting last week.

South Derbyshire CVS is working hard to make sure these vital services continue after March.

We recognize the challenges faced by our health partners but we believe the cuts which affect voluntary groups across Derbyshire are short sighted and will create additional pressure on frontline NHS services.

A big thank you to everyone who supported our #CVSSOS campaign and helped us make our case to the CCGs.

The Leader and Cabinet members of Derbyshire County Council – which jointly funds some of the services affected – have issued a statement saying that they are disappointed and concerned about the potential impact of the cuts: https://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/council/news-events/news-updates/news/our-response-to-health-cut-announcements.aspx.

We’ll keep all our service users and partners updated – but if you have any immediate questions please contact Pam or Kerrie at South Derbyshire CVS on 01283 219761 or email managers@sdcvs.org.uk.


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