CCGs cuts – latest news

Derbyshire CCGs held their Joint Governing Body meeting on 28th September. The proposals in the paper that went to that meeting were agreed by all the four Derbyshire CCG Boards.

In brief, while not ideal, the news is better than we thought it might be when the proposed cuts were announced in July. There won’t be any cuts in funding this financial year for our befriending or practical help services, but there will be a small cut for the vSPA service and for Infrastructure.

Discussions continue with the CCGs to look at how these services are to be delivered in 2019/20, and there will be more consultation/engagement about the discretionary grant for befriending, with recommendations about the future of this service going to the CCGs’ December Board.

Since the CCGs meeting, there has also been a Derbyshire County Council Improvement and Scrutiny Committee (Health) meeting held on 1stOctober. We are yet to hear the outcome of this meeting but as soon as we do we will let you know.

Keep watching this space!


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