D is for ‘delay the decision’!

On Friday afternoon I went to the joint meeting of the 4 NHS Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Boards to decide on the proposed funding cuts to voluntary and community groups.  There was a good voluntary sector turnout – though strictly we were there as observers without the right to take part in the discussions and very limited time at the end to ask questions. Though as you will see, we did find a way to make one clear statement to Board members!


In short – they decided not to make a decision just yet.

Some questions were raised by board members about impact on local frontline health services if the  voluntary services disappeared. It was therefore proposed and agreed to delay a decision for a month, so that ‘rapid service reviews’ can be carried out and to allow further engagement with county council and those affected. Once this has been done, another meeting in public will be held to present and agree final proposals

This is unexpected, and slightly better news than we expected – in the short term at least. While the eventual outcome might be no different, the delay does mean that the 3 month notice period is also delayed.

We will continue to make the case for funding these essential community services.

Local TV and press were also present – including this report in the Derby Telegraph



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